This week the City of London forwarded over a nice little treat – an XML feed of election results. To the best of my knowledge this is the same feed that media outlets have access to and it’s a really cool opportunity for the Open Data activists here in London.

“There is also a new URL that contains a simplified version of the results that we will be updating at the same time as the xml raw data file of results. The XML files are from the Dominion Voting system from the same vendor from Toronto. The results xml file and html pages will be updated beginning at 8:00pm, October 25th every 5 – 15 minutes.

These test files are filled with zero values.”

Click here for documentation.

Addendum – Please focus on the following attributes when processing the results.xml file if you plan to report on the number of polls reporting during the evening.

  • pol: total number of polls
  • stpoll: number of started polls.
  • The “closed” poll attribute (clpoll: number of closed polls) is not likely to have any data in it until the end of the election since the results will be unofficial until the next day.

    We would like to thank the City of London for making this available to local hackers.

    Have fun!